The SUO challenge is to make a fall themed card.  I actually made this one for the color challenge last week, but given that we are still moving in and renovating and getting ready to move my mom in, I decided to use it again.  I long for the days when I would pump out one card after the other, but for now I have to just stamp at a minimum.  I miss it so much!  Those days will return though.  I am enjoying my new stamp room.  It’s slightly smaller than my old one, but it’s cozy and warm and sunny and happy.  Someday I will stamp to my heart’s content again….and since we move my mother in this coming weekend, I can say those days may come sooner than later! I still plan on doing a blog entry where I show the work we have done to our new home.  So fun.  So blessed.  So happy.  SO this card says THANKFUL, and I must tell you – I am THANKFUL to the MAX right now.  This week and last I have had a HUGE answer to prayer for one of my kids.  I am rambling, but I must tell you about this one. Not going in to a lot of detail to protect their privacy….but we as a family have been praying for one of my kid’s situations and the Lord answered those prayers this past week in a MIGHTY way.  I feel as though the elephant finally stepped off my chest.  I always felt like “When this happens my JOY will be full”  – WELL THIS HAPPENED this week, and I am so happy for my kid I can hardly contain the JOY!!!  It’s a MOUNTAIN TOP day, week, month, year as we see the dreams we have had for this kid come to fruition.  God is GOOD.  A mother is only as happy as her least happy child….and I have ACHED for this to happen, and it happened, and I am filled to the brim with JOY!!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!!  Blessings to all of you, Karen

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  • Sabrina
    November 14, 2015

    Beautiful leaf, Karen!
    Have fun getting your new stamp room ready so that you can stamp away to your heart's content soon.