Here’s thinking of you Robin

The SUO challenge this week is encouragement – in a thank you, or a thinking of you, or something like that.  This week, I am definitely thinking of Robin Messenheimer, our fearless leader for the SUO challenge blog, who is stepping down as our leader. 

I have taken part in a lot of different groups like this over the years, swap groups, blog groups, etc.  The leader always sets the tone, and they aren’t all like Robin.  Robin has been such a pleasure to work with.  She has shown the patience of Job with my lack of technology skills.  She never made me feel lame, not even once.  She has taken care of business with mind numbing regularity and always with a cheerful heart. 

Gosh I will miss you Robin, truly.  At first I thought I might move on with her, but this SUO challenge blog is what currently keeps my blogging, so I think I will stick around and see what the future brings.  More stamping, more blogging, but I surely will miss you Robin, I surely will.  Until next time!

What do you think?

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