Golly gee I got into bed last night and thought, man, I forgot to say that we are making NEW TRUE FRIENDS here in Ohio, kind of our NTFWH’s, (NEW TRUE FRIENDS WITHOUT HISTORY)……actually when we moved here I told everyone we had 2 TRUE FRIENDS in Ohio, one of my long time stamping buddies, who has come to see us TWO times, (that’s REALLY special) since I mostly had always gone to HER house to do workshops, but they came to OUR house just because they love us… I did have 2 TRUE FRIENDS in Ohio, they just live on the other side is all….but this card is for THEM, and all the other TRUE FRIENDS in the making we have made since we came here. A couple of weeks ago we went out to dinner with a lady and her husband that I met at CURVES……(I can’t go all the way around that circuit twice and say nothing, so I have made some friends there….but this is the first one I ever did more then just jumping jacks with if you know what I mean….)and my new TRUE FRIENDS AT WORK….and all our new friends at church……and the neighbors we are getting to know, (HI KIM!!)SO THIS CARD WAS ONE OF THE ONES I STRUGGLED THE MOST WITH, I TORE IT APART AT LEAST 6 TIMES….and this is to say, I will STRUGGLE on thru making new friends,,,,cuz it’s worth it when you find a KINDRED SPIRIT!! Okay, that’s all, or I’ll be late for work!! Does this count as THREE POSTS IN NOVEMBER ALONE?I also wanted to add that I LOVE those of you who HAVE been reading my BLOG and letting me know….I just crave attention and want to hear from MORE OF YOU!! but I’ll keep blogging cuz I have like 10 people who I KNOW read them, and besides I love to read them myself!! haha So this is my fourth one for November!! I amaze myself!! :):):) OKAY SO I POSTED THIS AND WANTED TO SAY ONE MORE THING…..IT’S THAT I ONLY MET THE LADY AT CURVES, NOT HER HUSBAND, WHEN I RE READ THAT I THOUGHT OH MAN….THAT CAME OUT WRONG…..I JUST MET KAY AT CURVES…(her husband was NOT there…..)okay- now I’m really going, I mean it, but it makes me think of that line in What About Bob? where they are trying to get rid of psychotic BOB and he shows up at their door and they say, YOU THINK HE’S GONE?? HE’S NOT GONE!!! And he says he wants to get the friendship thing going…….this time I’m really going on that note…….

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  • Alison Shiloh Wear
    November 6, 2007

    you’ve been busy! lovely work, Karen. Hope I get to meet you sometime.