The challenge this week on the SUO Challenge Blog is any kind of SHOWERS….so I chose BABY showers.  I LOVE BABY showers.  Especially baby girl showers because I LOVE to buy baby girl clothes.  Recently we found out our youngest daughter is going to have us another grand baby.  Oh HAPPY DAY!! Can’t get enough grandchildren, right?  My husband and I were just discussing that it sorta looked like our kids were through “showering” us with precious grandchildren and then BAM!! Surprise!! Here comes one more!!  We have 11 in all now, and I really like even numbers so I am pretty happy #12 is on the way.  And we have NINE girls and TWO boys.  I’m thinkin’ another girl is on the way…..just sayin’…..but only time will tell.  Many are hoping for a boy, but as for me, I will take either, and love it to the moon and back right along with the rest of them. 🙂 Babies, children, are such an awesome blessing.  Each one of our grandchildren is so different, and so precious.  So I guess you see why I chose baby shower,,,,because it won’t be long now…….thank you God.  Until next time………..Karen

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