Stamping in my Dreams……

Lately, I’ve been getting up after I go to bed to stamp some card that keeps racing around in my little pea brain… I hate that cuz like the next day at work my brain is like fried…..(that’s how it was today……) I get sleepy way before bed time and I think I can’t go to sleep this early so I push myself to stay up, and when I should be doing taxes or something productive like that, instead I run up to my warm and cozy room and make the latest card that has been bashing to and fro in my head….and then I sit up too late, and then I can hardly drag myself awake in the morning, but I get up and start over. This card to your left is where you take an envelope, lick it shut….(lick it shut??, errr…you know what I mean, seal the thing) and then you cut it off at the bottom of the licked part. Then you crimp and decorate the bottom of your envy and then put it thru the crimper so the top of your envelope fits over it….and then you make a one layer card to put inside. Ain’t that cute and hows that for a super tutorial?? That’s about as good as it gets with me. Okay, so for valentines day, keith says lets go get you a laptop – he found out about some place in Cincinnati that was selling refurbished ones cheap….so off we went, thinking we would get back in plenty of time for a nice valentines dinner, and that we could do this quickly. We bought one after calling about 14 friends to make sure we were getting a good deal….and by that time we had to RUSH back to make it before our favoritie Thai restaurant closed. We made it in the knick of time. We both would have been so so bummed if we ended up eating at like Steak and Shake or somewhere lame like that because it took us so long to buy the computer. But here’s the thing…that was Valentines Day, and I have YET to use the laptop like a laptop, I can only hook it up to my modem, I cannot make it work with the router. It is so frustrating……I cannot begin to tell you….arghhhhhh……I want to be cool and

sit in my living room like cool people do and why the heck did this thing just change fonts on me…..I hate blogger, I really do…….why is this as hard as making a computer run off a router??? Why am I not cool enough to make it use the same font all the way thru and do it in my living room??? I have to sit with one wire hooked up to my modem and I don’t even get the battery thing yet, I am not even sure where the battery IS on this thing or what to do when it dies….a laptop in my hands is like giving a baby a food grinder….like he does not know what to DO with it…ya know? The thing is refurbished and I SWEAR sometimes other people are on it with me. It blows my mind but sometimes I think it’s like possessed!! It makes this ding dong noise like ding ding ding ding,,,,,ding ding ding ding…. ding ding ding ding…..only sorta like a grandfather clock and whatever I am doing it just makes that noise right in the middle of it and I’m like okay, WHATEVER….I like don’t have a train of thought, it’s okay…..whatever I was doing I don’t even REMEMBER cuz it’s ding donging so loud I can’t hear myself think!! Oh, and that card up there was a recent inspiration challenge and my inspiration was the PRETTIEST set of sheets… mind you, I could go up there and try to make this font stay pretty like I started out but I would lose the whole darn thing….I WOULD….so I will just stay with being NOT SO COOL…and use this boring font and just be glad I have gotten this far without wiping out a card!! Back to my possessed computer…..maybe someday I will figure out how to make it run off the router,,,,I think I may have to hire this guy I know for 80 bucks an hour….man do I miss my friend John Wollman in New York……never knew how much we would miss our friends PERIOD, just for their friendship, but also for their expertise. 🙂 If I wanna be cool like all the other myriads of folks who use their (oh man it just started ding donging again… so annoying)laptops in the living room – then I am gonna have to PAY. That’s all there is to it. You need friends you have known for a very long time to bother them with stuff like that. You just can’t take those blooming friendships and let them know how lame you are about stuff like this or they will run in the other direction, and who can blame them? My sister’s significant other guy Will tried to help me go wireless for TWO HOURS…and he was a bit distracted by the ding dong thing too…….it’s a very strange computer indeed….. but I think it’s me, maybe more then the computer….like a normal person would have gone wireless a long TIME AGO…’s gotta be me. And Keith knows less about computers then I do which is….well….bad. Yah, pretty darn bad. We are like the blind leading the blind, I mean he like thinks I know a lot. haha……just cuz I know DENTRIX…….but I have no clue how to even put my email onto this computer…and meanwhile the other one is like slower then molasses in February….I can like take a shower, do my hair and get dressed and it’s still loading my email messages…..arghhhh…….I am so pathetic. Like about now, I want that last card to come up……
There we go, and I am so afraid to go close to it and hit delete or try to get that big old space out of there cuz when I try, lots of times POOF, the card disappears!! I’m gonna go try to wipe out that line and see what happens….This card is my masterpiece….I just LOVE this card if I can love my own card……Wow I am pretty impressed with myself – I took out a space without wiping out the card – this is no small thing for me!! This card was made with the three flower punch, another flower punch for the leaves, and lots of patience. I thought I was gonna make a small wreath but it just kept growing and growing and growing…… so anyway, I stink at computers….but my stamping is not too shabby, right? And I’ll get this thing up and wireless yet, I will!! I just need to persevere!! Ain’t that a pretty card???? I bet the guy with the best computer mind ever couldn’t make a card like that?? HUH??? What da ya think?? Believe it or not, it’s ding donging again, whose computer does that???? Tell me, cuz I’m not gonna lie to ya, I’m a little afraid of this thing…….and I am not kidding!! Okay, Until next time, if you have any great computer secrets for me, don’t hold out on me!! Leave me a comment, ya hear??

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  • Penny
    March 3, 2009

    Hi Karen, gosh, lucky me, I have my own Tech Support as my DH is a computer programmer!! I would send him over if we lived near LOL.

    BEAUTIFUL cards, I especially love the flower wreath, how pretty. You have every right to be proud of it!

    Hope everything else is well in your life too.


  • Linda
    March 3, 2009

    The only time my laptop made a noise like you describe it was just before the hard drive crashed. As for your modem issues. Call your internet provider. They can sign into your computer remotely and hook you up. I have verizon and they are great. They have always been able to fix things from their end. I love my laptop. I am sitting on my couch as I type this and my router is out in the office far away. Hang in there every computer is different and you just need to get to know yours.

  • Karen Barber
    March 3, 2009

    I need to clarify for those who read that last comment, I KNOW the thing is not about to die…’s alive and well…’s a Latitude D620 and it works like at the speed of light it has so much memory….and the ding dong thing happens several times everytime I use it, it would have blown by now if it was trying to say that…..someone told me it might be that it has sci fi, (whatever the HECK that is) and that when it gets near a sci fi whatever, it dings. Does that make sense? Anyway, it’s not about to crash…it’s dinging right now again, haha. I bought a GOOD computer though, I had several long distance computer gurus tell me so…….it’s just that all my computer friends live in NY, and Will who tried so hard to help is in Virginia…..but I will get it up and running yet!! I will try to call Verizon the next time I have 2 hours or so……:)

  • inkedx2
    March 3, 2009

    Hi Karen, If the dinging gets to you, my daughter taught me a trick to mute the sound. If you hit the Fn (function key – at the bottom near the control key) and the End Key (on the right side near page up and page down key) it will mute the sound (this is where my keys are located on my laptop). It works for all sounds on my laptop so it should work for you. Hope this helps.


  • Tasha Hickert
    March 4, 2009

    Hi Karen! What’s say we tie up Penny and steal her husband–lol. Sometimes I think computers will be the end of me.

    Your cards are beautiful, amazing, and the envelope pocket card just made me shake my head in wonder that it was created from the same idea as mine. Yours is FANTASTICALLY cute.

    As for blogger. I think the answer is just really short posts. Kind of like guerilla warfare. Sneak on, upload one pic., type as fast as you can for no more than a couple paragraphs and then get out!

    Sorry I wasn’t any real help!

  • Carol Dee
    March 5, 2009

    YIKES, you are light years ahead of me! Just got the old dinosaur of a PC on the desk. Guess is will do for me to visit all my favorite stampers and blogs.

    Good luck figuring out what going on.

    The cards are real pretty. Especially like the wreath one.

  • Anonymous
    March 9, 2009

    Hey there! I decided to pop into your blog to see if you updated it. Hope you get your laptop back soon. I’m sure it is all going to work out fine.

    See you at 6:00 tomorrow night!

  • Unknown
    March 13, 2009

    Hey there, I am new in your downline, somewhere in there… not sure where, but I just stopped by to say hello and get inspiration from you!


  • Carol Dee
    March 20, 2009

    I check in several times a week. Looks like you have been busy with life and not blogging! Miss you.

  • Lisa Atha
    March 25, 2009


    Wow. All of your cards are pretty, but the flower wreath sure looks like it took a long time to make. So pretty and cheerful, suitable for framing and hang in your “Happy Place”.

    Lisa A.

  • Angela
    March 31, 2009

    These cards are so pretty, love them…