The SUO challenge this week is TAGS…..I had one of those weeks this week…..just one where I didn’t get up to my stamp room at all.  The color challenge came out, and it was exactly the colors of a card I made a while ago and had not used for anything yet…..and I even love it!! Then Saturday, I happened to get up and for some unknown reason, I felt moved to put my coworkers little Christmas gifts together, and make tags and personalize their bags, and I won’t be even giving them to them until Christmas week….but I just felt like getting it done so I did.  Then I remembered it was the SUO challenge week, and I was like OH, NO, what is the theme? Cuz I was so busy…just didn’t know when I would have a chance to take my time and CREATE…..so low and behold, it was TAGS, and I had just finished making 5 little bags like this one and decorating with a TAG!!!!  I love when God knows you are stretched to the limit and then shows you in a way like that that HE understands and HE has your back. 🙂 Don’t you?  My friend Lillian who I told you all about last time has gone straight into the arms of Jesus.  I cried for a few days, but not for her, for me.  I know Lillian is walking with Jesus, and I know she is happy and I know the angels are rejoicing over this saint who came home…..but us here, we are crying at the loss of a precious friend and mother, grandmother, etc. etc.  Oh the blessed hope that we will one day meet again, and I hope my mansion is on the same street with Lillians!! Until next time…..Karen

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  • Sandy
    December 16, 2014

    It seems that everyone has challenges – challenge here and challenge there. It's a challenge just to keep up!
    Your Christmas gift bag is fantastic – so much fun to receive.
    Sandy xx

  • cyndi
    December 16, 2014

    I love your bag! Can you give instructions on how you made it please?

  • Carol Dee
    December 16, 2014

    SO sorry to hear about Lillian. She must have passed about the same time as my Father. IT is hard to now I can not stop and chat or get a hug or ask his advice when ever I want. He was a WONDERFUL Father as I know Lillian was a Friend. Hugs….