SO……I agonized over what order to put my pictures in…..and then good old blogspot totally changed the order anyway… these are RANDOM shots of my new stamp room here in Ohio, complete with its brand new creamy caramel paint job. First off, it was a sort of dirty shade of MINT MELODY, and for those of you who have been with SU for a long time like me, you remember that pale minty sort of whimpy green. There is a good reason why they discontinued Mint Melody…..that’s all I can say. So that WAS the color of my room, which you can see in the picture that follows here in this post SOMEWHERE, which WAS supposed to be the first picture in this post. Just before Christmas this year Keith got laid off. When it happened we did not know how long it would be, and as it turned out they called him back on New Year’s eve or somewhere in there so he actually just had a nice little three week vacation while our kids were here over the holidays. God is good. But anyway, when we found out he was getting laid off (or is that layed off?) ANYWAY…..we decided to do sort of labor of love Christmas gifts for eachother, and I asked for my stamp room to be eliminated of all traces of Mint Melody. YUKK, the stuff nightmares are made of when they are in color. SO…………….next problem was what color to paint it??? I went from cheery yellow, to sage green, to olive green, to tan, to mustard, to green again, and then to creamy caramel….and then WAIT, after I had the chip in hand and the guy was like READY TO MIX THE PAINT a lady walks up with some cans of a green that I liked and I was off to the land of lala confusion once again, got out of line in home depot when I was right at the front, to decide if I wanted my creamy caramel, or the other ladies green. It’s a stretch for me to pick a dark paint, I am such a pastel kinda gal, but these colors are so in and I always love them when I see them in other peoples houses……so I got brave and got back in line. Only in the short time it took me to find Keith and have him convince me to stick with my creamy caramel…..about 5 people had gotten in line in front of me, and the one directly in front of me was painting every room in their must be 20 room house……arghhhh….the pains of indecision. Anyway, I finally did bring home the creamy caramel….and now that it’s up I really do love it. It’s so much warmer and so much cozier and so much more me. I always wanted my stamp room to be sort of an extension of our home and to fit in with the traditional look, and not be all white and crafty looking. I try to hide a lot of the “stuff” in closets etc. 🙂 Here you see my main stamping place, I can pull this table out to the middle of the room if I have more people over to stamp but most of the time it’s just little old me, or me and one other person at a time….so it’s perfect in front of the big old window. You see my trusty little heater on the floor, my favorite place to be is in the room in warm flannel pajamas with that little heater humming away at my feet…..this room is really my HAPPY PLACE. :):):):) Okay, here is a picture of Keith
covering the last wall of mint melody……and I just had to take a picture so I could remember the putridness of that color that I have strongly disliked for almost 3 years now….
I used to sit and look around that room and think, “Hmmm, and we thought it was a good idea to hang all these shelves and attach all these things to the wall before we painted because….hmmmmm……..and I thought we would never actually get around to banishing the green nightmare ever…. but when Keith got going he got thru it so quickly….it’s nice cuz our house has oak trim so no trim to paint and it goes a lot quicker. This picture makes it look like More Mustard but it really is Creamy Caramel. See how messy my table is in this picture??? Yeh, I’d like to say it doesn’t usually look like that but that would be a big fat lie. So I won’t say it. Anyway now with the brand new paint on the walls, I will be motivated to keep it all clean and tidy for a while. 🙂 The other thing I love about my stamp room is it has HGTV pumped right in there…….ahhh,,,, flannel pajamas, electric heater, AND HGTV….what more could a girl ASK for???? ANYWAY, I am going to post some more pictures of the room after this post cuz I don’t think I can post more without messing up the entire text on this post…..the thing about how long I went between blog entries is I was STARTING to get good at it, but I have wiped out two pictures already tonite… I stink all over again. Okay, in this next picture, you see my great wall of
stamps…..which is in the hallway before you enter the actual stamp room…this is the wall that made the ladies in my church sort of gasp when they came to my house and be like, oh my, this is not just a hobby, this looks a little bit like an obsession…..and I have to admit that say someone collected like, I don’t know, what do people collect, anyway, like say they had a collection this big of Hummels, or beer steins, or Precious Moments figurines, if I saw this many in one place I would be like Oh boy, sicko…….a bit of a fixation there or what? but I tried to explain that it’s different with stamps….I tried the “but I have collected them over many years” line and that only brought one or two looks of empathy, so I tried the “most of them were gifts anyway” and that only brought like one more glimpse of understanding, but mostly I think they just thought I was just plain nuts…….and then when they got INSIDE the room and saw all the other “stuff” that goes with them……well, who can blame them for thinking I am totally off my rocker? Okay now down here is my best stamping buddy, Buddy LUCA. He lays right at my side all the time I am in my room. He also loves the stamp room. Any golden retriever lovers out there?
You know how they are….love junkies…..most of the time I am watercoloring with one hand and scratching Luca’s head with the other one. Even now as I type, Luca is laying right at my feel keeping me company. And when I get up and walk back up to the stamp room, (because I am still so enamored with my new paint that I like to just sit there and look around the room….)he will follow me and lay his cute little head at my feet up there too. You know what I say to friends who like my stamp room but not my dog? Never mind. But one time someone told me that when your freinds don’t like your dog, it’s time to get new friends…..and I could not agree more. :):):) Love me, love my dog……my stamping pal… of the cutest embellishments in the whole room! Okay- gonna post some more pics now, and try not to blab as much. I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of my happy place!!

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  • Claire Lawrence
    January 28, 2009

    Aunt Karen – Go get a post-it note right now, write Ctrl-Z on it and tape it to your computer monitor. If you lose a picture, press the Control button, hold it down, then push Z, and it will magically appear again. (this is the shortcut for “undo.”):0)

  • Claire Lawrence
    January 28, 2009

    ps love the pictures!!! I’m looking forward to the days when I have a stamp room like that!

  • Carol Dee
    January 28, 2009

    WOW, the room looks great, I could LIVE in there! What a sweet stamping companion you have 🙂
    Keith is amazing, painting and shelf making, lucky you.

  • Joanne Travis
    January 28, 2009

    Wow!! What a fabulous transformation for your stamping space. I wish you many happy hours here 🙂
    Your dog is so adorable!! I love Goldens, we used to have one and I loved him dearly, he was such a loving friend.
    Have a great day, Karen!

  • Anonymous
    February 14, 2009

    I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. You don’t know me but I was so excited to sit next to you on the bus in Alaska!

  • Anonymous
    February 18, 2009

    Oh my the story about the ladies over and revealing your collection to their reaction of being flabbergasted floored me, I’m still chuckling over it. What a riot!!! And comparing stamps to Hummels? Only us stampin addicts could possibly think that’s the same, but I do totally think it’s the same! I mean, I still want more stamps, don’t you????

  • Scrapin Mel
    February 23, 2009

    Love your card holder, what a great idea and thanks for sharing….

  • MiamiKel
    June 21, 2009

    oh your stamp room is amazing! Your color is the same as my new kitchen 😉 I love the closet too – what a terrific thing to have and so useful! Love the walls shelfs full of little stamps to see at a glance – terrific place!!

  • Melissa
    July 16, 2009

    See…now…i have been planning (for going on 2 years now) to paint my stamping room gray, just a touch lighter than Going Gray. I even have the gallon of paint, sitting right here, ready for that magical day when i get up in the morning and go "hey! i think i'll PAINT today!" (i wonder if that day will ever come though…we've lived here for 2 years and it still hasn't hit). Anyway, all that to say that now you're making me second guess myself and wonder if i should do Creamy Caramel, too! It looks gorgeous!!