You Know You’re a WORRIER when……….

Okay friends, note that I am BLOGGING AGAIN, if you count my slide show this is the third time in one month…..I am amazed. How about that slide show, and how about that music? You can all thank my sweet daughter Bekah and her sweet husband Jon for the music and the slide show. Although I have to tell you, I created the slide show myself, following a link from Cindy L’s blog……so I was quite proud of myself. How to get it from Slideland to my BLOG, now that was an entirely different issue, and I quickly gave up. One must know one’s limitations. It took Bekah and Jon quite a while to figure it all out between them, so you know with my pea brain, it wasnt’ happenin. Anyway I have to tell you, I am just so impressed with my whole blog that I go on there and read it over and over…..somehow I think I’m missing the point but it works for me!! 🙂 Here is a Welcome to my blog card…….I almost threw this card away like 10 times when it was in the making, and then I LOVED it when it was all done – sort of like us, we have to remember that God isn’t finished with us yet when we sometimes don’t look or act so purty. Anyway – that is not what I’m preaching on today. Today, my sermon is on WORRY, just kidding about the sermon, it’s Sunday so it’s all so fresh in my mind. 🙂 I have been fairly accused of being one of the world’s worst worriers. Mind you, I am NOT proud of it, only humbly admitting my faults here. Worry is a lack of trust in God, so I am not proud of it. But it does help to be able to see the humor in our weaknesses…..and sometimes I absolutely amaze myself at the things I can worry about! My one son in law, (not mentioning any names cuz I think any one of them COULD have said it) says I think of things to worry about if there aren’t any readily available. How sad, but true. My son once said to me after I lamented at how worried I was about him one of those gazillions of times, “Ma, that is no way to live” – and he’s right……I guess I will battle worry till I die, and I’m not being humorous here….actually I’m getting kind of depressed so I think I’ll move on to the humor before I start crying…..Oh yeh,
here comes another card right at ya, too, isn’t this one cute, I plum forgot that the whole idea of blogging is to explain what’s going on on the side, but maybe my BLOG is just different from everyone elses. Yeh, so uh, there’s some halloween pumpkins for you all hand carved. Makes me miss my grand daughters, but that’s another whole blog. Back to my worry issues,,,,,on the way to church this morning, I was just thinking that we have touched base with all four of our kids and their wonderful families just recently and all goes well…..and from a mama’s perspective, when all’s right with her kids’, all’s right with the world. The sun was shining all pretty and the breeze was blowing all perfect like and we were on our scenic ride to church…….all was right with the world. Then Keith and I started naming our all time favorite movies, (don’t ask WHY because I don’t remember) but he said Star Wars, (ugh) and I said Fiddler on the Roof (awesome) and he said Lord of the Rings (also awesome) and I said What About Bob? (the best)I know, that’s weird to put in the same category with those others but it IS in fact one of my favs……..and HIS too…..and he said Princess Bride and I said Sabrina, and he said “I don’t care if I ever see Sabrina again as long as I live” and I said, “OH yeh, well I feel the same way about Star Wars” so we decided to stick with the classics we BOTH like and I said Jungle Book, and he said, “Hey, I see where that’s coming out on DVD this month” and I said, “we have it already,” and he said “ON DVD??” And I said “yes,,,,,or,,,,er……no, on video” and wow – it sort of hit us both at the same time that all these movies that are OLD FAVORITES are on VCR tapes and not DVD’s…..and it was like this thought came crashing through my worry free up till that moment brain, and I thought, “What if our VCR breaks and they stop making them????” Now sometimes Keith chases my worries away but hey- we had our 34th anniversary yesterday and some of your spouses habits can rub off a little after all that time so he said, “Maybe we should go out and buy one now while they make them and put it up in the attic still in the box,” and I said, “or maybe 2…….”and then I thought but the fam is gonna need to inherit the Five Mile Creek series and all those Disney movies…..and my head was going Gee, maybe we should buy like 6 more VCRS and put them in the attic, 2 for us and one for each kid….in case all the VCR’s break and they don’t make them anymore……and well, you get the picture, this is pathetic. I think I’ll just trust God with this small thing, cuz then maybe as time goes on trusting Him with the small things, I’ll get better and better and better at trusting Him with the BIG things as well……life is a journey, and slowly, we get there. So that is my “sermon” for the day…..don’t sweat the small
stuff, God will take care of you. Now if I happen to see a USED VCR at a yard sale or something, well then maybe God put it there, just for me, know what I mean? But for now, I’m gonna rest and trust and figure that there must be better things to do with my time then worry about all of these things. I think I’ll start praying that my grandchildren aren’t worriers, since I know it’s already too late for my kids……..I think my son escaped but the poor girls……for now I will tell myself like I always do, Abba they belong to you, because they do, and we can trust HIM with everything HE has loaned to us. Have a Happy Autumn day everyone…..I am so excited to watch the Red Sox this evening……34 years of marriage to the same great guy, and all is right with the world! Happy Day!!

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  • Cindy Lawrence
    October 22, 2007

    Thank you for the great big SMILE this morning, Karen!! Oh how I do miss you! Your blog is so much fun to read! It is so much YOU that I can hear your voice as I’m reading it. Hope today’s a fabulous day! How about them Sox?! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love ya! ~Cindy

  • Alison Shiloh Wear
    October 25, 2007

    lovely cards! thanks for sharing.

  • dreamchaser
    October 26, 2007

    Happiness is just spilling out from this post! 🙂 Congrats on getting the music on your blog-love it! (Hey-why does the music stop when you go to leave a comment?) These cards are AWESOME Karen!! too cute! 34 years? us too-last April! (we’ve known each other all this time and I didn’t know that we got married the same year!) Deb

  • JoAnn
    October 30, 2007

    Hi Karen: Finally got signed on and what fun reading. The cards are super too. Keep up the good work and all you do for us stampers. Hugs JoAnn