“Come on Faye, you know I need feedback…..”

Well, I had hoped to post to this blog once a week, but that was a lofty dream. Anyway- I’m here now so let me stop apologizing for being such a slacker. However, in defense of “me” – I have been busy stamping!! Tina, you created the monster in me again!! I have gone to work, more times exhausted since my first blog post, then I have in the whole time since I moved to Ohio – because I am STAMPING AGAIN!! (sometimes till 2:00 am……) Anyway – Here is my new favorite set – seriously, this is my most favorite of all favorites right now and I hate to say it but you all have to have a $300.00 workshop just to make SURE you get this set!! This is the
coolest, most versatile flower set they have come along with in a LOOOONGGGGGG time and you all need it!! So get your friends together for a $300.00 workshop and then you can all share it!! Oh, and hurry up and order a white gel pen, cuz you’ll be needing that too~~ I absolutely LOVE this set….and everytime I made another card it was my favorite one all over again!! There are plenty more posted on my SCS gallery- – I can’t possibly blab my way through all the cards I made with this set so this is a sampling of the cards I made with it…..ANYWAY, I asked myself WHY ALL OF THE SUDDEN AM I STAMPING MY FOOL HEAD OFF AGAIN AFTER A YEAR OF NOT SO MUCH?? And this is what I came up with – here we go – back to “What About Bob?” again, but there is the scene where Good Morning America is coming to Leo’s lake house to interview him on his new book, Baby Steps, and he is asking his wife Faye what he should wear and hold and stand, etc, and she says, “I don’t know Leo- either one if fine” and Leo whines, “Come on Faye, you know I need feedback” – and that’s it in a nutshell, everything I ever learned I learned on “What About Bob?” anyway- but I neeeeeeeeeded feedback for the cards I made, and my poor husband, though he is a very good sport…….well…….showing him four very similar but slightly different cards and asking “Which one is the best?” I am sure felt something like Sesame Street to him, (remember the jingle…one of these cards is not like the others, one of these cards is just not the same…..) you get the picture, but NOW, SINCE I DISCOVERED HAVING MY OWN GALLERY AT SPLIT COAST STAMPERS….wow -I can post cards and see what the stamping world thinks!! Talk about feedback…….it’s a very basic principle called “sharing” – When I was in NY/NJ, I would spend
a day every once in a while with my stamping pal Fran, and she would look at everything I had
made for the last while and I would look at all of her latest creations and we would ooooooohhhhhh and ahhhhhhhh over eachothers creations……didn’t realize at the time how key that was to keeping us stamping!! I would carry my creations down to work and show my buddy Ruth, and she would pull out her little plastic case and show me what she was working on…..again – sharing. My pal Pam would look through my stuff and say hey, can I copy this? Or once she gave me a BD card in the shape of a mitten and I copied that several times putting my own twist on it…..sharing……..it’s a huge part of stamping….. I missed that so much here, but now I can blog, post to my gallery, etc etc and get some friendly stampers feedback……I have discovered that that is it in a nutshell, I NEED FEEDBACK!! So please take the time to leave me some, and leave a comment on my blog….how cool to look and see all the comments……my pal Alison Sosinsky from the good old days when I lived close enough for DL meetings, comments from DL, and just friends, I love it!!! (SO nice to hear from Lois, my stamping sister…and friend,….) So tell me- are you loving this set too? The possibilities are endless and I had to FORCE myself to stop and move on to another set…..Another thing is this,,,,,,I need MUSIC on my blog…..I have my daughter working on that for me……I go on Cindy Lawrence’s blog and I feel like wow, (after I get over drooling over her cards) I could just stay there for a while and watch the slide show and the music, she has entertainment on HER blog……and now even though I was so proud that I HAVE a blog….well…..I need music………..and slide shows, etc.,,,,,hey Cindy- how do you DOOOOO all that???? :):):) I miss Cindy too…..I miss everyone.
Oh darn, I just wiped out a card, and one of my favs too….so I’ll have to go and get that again before I end……that will be a feat for me…..I still struggle with pushing the cards down farther and farther and then I say look at this card on the left and when I actually post and read, that card is 6 feet under where I told you to look to the left….but hey- I am blogging, right? Can’t expect perfection!! I especially love the one on my left right now – but that could be a completely different card by the time I post this puppy……..it’s okay though……I’m still learning……..Oh- by the way – the name of this set is Garden Silhouettes and it’s a hostess set which means you have until January to have a workshop and GET IT!! You will love it too!! Oh that card on my left now IS just about MY favorite…….I have so many more cards to blog with too, I have been a busy girl….and I had a workshop on Friday and got two bookings……yippee!! The other day at the dentist’s office, my coworker announced that she and some friends rented a beach house the same week as the Bermuda cruise……and honestly, I almost launched. She is the only one I think I could train in time for me to go to Bermuda in April…..so I went running back to Dr. Sato to tell him and see what he said, and he said he will take a week’s vacation himself before he would make me miss my cruise….how’s that for an awesome boss???? He is
the best!! Okay- now here on your left is my most favorite of favorites of all the cards I made with this set……..Ain’t it purty???? I made this one AFTER I had put the set away and said NO MORE…….it just jumped in to my head and I had to try it…….you really NEEEEEEEEED this set – seriously – this is a small sampling of the cards I made with it – look on my gallery – geez I feel like a hotshot saying that – “Look at my gallery” – I am such a wanna be……haha…but you will see that there are endless possibilities with this set….how about that new taffetta ribbon? Sure made me stop belly-aching about the narrow organdy being discontinued!! There are so many new things to play with and so many more stamps to stamp…….I feel another late night coming on………..Okay – now listen, I was gonna try to go and get that other pretty card that I wiped out….but I just know I’ll blow the whole thing up trying and all of this blabbing could be LOST forever…..so if you want to see one of my OTHER favorite cards with this set,,,,you’ll just have to stop by “my gallery” – (I feel like such a stamping yuppy….)See you all there!!

What do you think?

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  • Claire Lawrence
    October 15, 2007

    :0) I love that movie. I really need to watch it again…

    wow, beautiful cards. I love looking at your SCS gallery and seeing the growing list of comments. I’m sure you have inspired a lot of people since you started stamping! next time I’ll show you how to put a link in your post and then people can click on it…even though it’s right off the side…wouldn’t want them to miss it…Love, Clairey

  • Cindy Lawrence
    October 18, 2007

    Karen! It is so good to see you posting again! 🙂 I check your blog pretty often to see if you’ve posted…cuz you know, I MISS YA! We don’t seem to be able to connect anymore via phone; so this is the next best thing. Your cards are GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS as they always have been! How’s that for feedback?! 🙂 Love the music & the slide show too! I have two questions for ya…. One: How do I go about getting one of those gorgeous Garden Silhouettes cards with the blues, rhinestone brads & “My dear kind & wonderful friend..” on it??? Huh? If you sent me one of those I might just forget that you still owe me cards from our “one-on-one” swap last January…oh, I know…that was evil. :))) Oh, question two is: Are you going to Leadership this year???? Love ya! ~Cindy