The SUO Challenge this week is for a SWEET TREAT….so here is the favor from Rebekah and Aaron’s wedding, slightly altered….(keep reading)  It’s almost been a YEAR since my daughter Rebekah and Aaron tied the knot!! Where does the time GO?? Last year at this time we were pulling our decoration theme together – I sorta changed the colors on this little favor that Bekah and I made so that I could use ALL SU products… her colors were Crisp Cantalope and Wisteria Wonder, (in SU language that is)  but these favors actually had little wisteria rosebuds on them….but they weren’t SU, (shhhhh….) Actually if SU had anything even remotely like them I would have used them…..but to buy 75 Artisan embellishment sets to get the two little rosebuds out of each one would have killed our budget. HAHA, but aren’t these cute?  And let me tell you, those two – Rebekah and Aaron,,, WERE MINT TO BE.  I have never seen my daughter so happy, and there is no greater joy for a mama than to see her children HAPPY!!  And many know that Bekah’s JOY came after a long period of sadness….which make the JOY even more JOYFUL.  Sometimes when things happen that cut us to the core, and leave us almost broken in two, God turns those things around and makes something beautiful come out of the ashes – and that is what we see in Bekah’s life and marriage now!  Thank you Jesus!!  Anyway, it was nice to have the blog challenge be a wedding favor, – or a sweet treat, because it gave me a chance to reflect back over this last year, and the JOY I have seen restored to my daughter Rebekah and my grand daughter Olivia, and it’s been a fun walk down memory lane.  She was a stunning bride and Olivia was an adorable flower girl, along with her new sister Kara!!  Sorrow may endure for a night, but JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!!  Happy Tuesday everyone!!  UNTIL NEXT TIME,  Karen

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  • Carol Dee
    May 29, 2015

    Thanks be to God. 🙂 How wonderful that your Daughter is in a great marriage and has two darling little ones. The favor is perfect.

  • Unknown
    June 14, 2015

    Karen, really love your use of the star ef!