The SUO challenge for today was “Something Yummy” – and I found the idea for this awesome background here:  You need to scroll down a little but you will see where I got my idea from this blog, Tales from Mary…. I did put my own slant on it, i.e., I did not layer it, I did my own thing with embellishing the top, and I added, “Something Yummy” to the top.  I thought this was one of the coolest backgrounds EVER.  About a year ago, I lost 30 pounds, and I have managed to keep most of it OFF.  One of my favorite things has become my evening cup of decaf…..which sort of ends up being my dessert.  Who woulda thunk it??  I just love the Perfect Blend stamp set…..and I like to celebrate the stamps that DON’T get discontinued after that enormous list comes out every year….just to remind myself that not EVERYTHING is gone, thus, the coffee cup. 🙂 I’m rambling here, so I’m gonna ramble just a wee bit more and tell you, today was a bridal shower for my daughter who had the great sadness 2, 1/2 years ago when her marriage crumbled after her husband betrayed her.  I just need to say that HE makes all things beautiful in HIS time.  I was so blessed today at her bridal shower.  She gets married June 14th.  Part of the LOVELY wedding shower that Aaron’s church threw for them was a game they had, where they asked  Aaron a bunch of questions and he answered them and then they asked Bekah at the shower and they were going to see how many answers they agreed on, kinda like The Newlywed Game, though they aren’t married yet.  There were several chances for him to embarrass her in a cute way by the questions they asked.  In every instance he gave the sweet answer, always showing her good side – which endeared him to me even more.  “Who is Aaron’s celebrity crush?” was answered with “John Wayne” which cracked me UP, he wasn’t even going to put any woman above his wife to be.  So he answered it with humor.  God is good, I know with their little blended family the journey may be rocky at times, but they are God’s gift to each other, and I just know that HE has made beauty from ashes, once again, and I am forever thankful to our God, who knows our every need and makes all things beautiful in HIS time.  Happy Stamping everyone, and happy Tuesday!  Until next time, Karen

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  • Carol Dee
    May 28, 2014

    Karen, I enjoy that set and am glad it is still in the S|U catalog. 🙂 I am so pleased to hear your daughter has found love and a really sweet fella. My youngest son is in the midst of a divorce. Heart Breaking. But we too will trust in the Lord that good will follow the pain.

  • LeAnne
    May 28, 2014

    This is beautiful, Karen…love the shabby chic look! Did you sponge the cardstock after embossing to get that look? It's wonderful!

  • Anonymous
    July 3, 2014

    So happy for Bekah!!!! Love the card.